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Bob Burrage

UAV "iFlyer"

Southampton University

Weston Obsession

Mike Whitham


"In any training, regardless of what the subject is, the method of delivery is crucial. So whether you are trying to understand a switch function on a transmitter or a technical point of a flight manoeuvre Paul can communicate with you at your pace and level. The instruction is concise and thorough and leaves you in no doubt what you need to do to achieve the aim. Encouragement is also handed out in bagfuls and everything is very relaxed which is just how I like to learn. I spent a whole day helicopter training and a week later a whole day at one of the jet experience days, both were well worth the time and money invested and I learnt a tremendous amount. In my experience, books, forums and manuals only get you so far. Physical training gets you to the next level quicker and with no risk to your model – I have no reservations in recommending Paul as he is outstanding."

Nick Welch