Gnat Shooting

A Radio Controlled Aerial Shotgun Target with friction sensitive explosive underneath the belly of the target which go of with a bang and a puff of smoke when hit. The R/C plane can fly at speeds of up to 100 MPH so can be a challenge to the best of shooters.

The Gnats are fast becoming a popular attraction for Shooting events/Charity events etc.

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Charity Events

The Gnat shooting system has proved to be a highly successful attraction for Charity fund raisers for over 15 years. Many well known charitable organisations have benefited, gaining considerable income from the events. We provide the Gnats for charities such as The Prince’s Trust, The Royal Institute for the Deaf, The Rhino rescue to name but a few.

Corporate Events

Working closely with many of the leading UK event companies, we provide one of the most popular and competitive team build and fun day attractions. With the ten exploding targets on the Gnat belly its a good way to score each teams hits!

Private Events

Every year the Gnats are hired for private shooting parties and Birthday parties. We can tailor the day to the event. From providing an alternative target to mix in with pheasant drives for private shooting parties to family and friends shooting the Gnat at a family birthday. In 2009 we put on a Gnat shoot for Gordon Ramsey and the F Word.