Weston Obsession

The Weston Obsession is the aircraft of choice for the advanced aerobatic training carried out at the Flight Centre and so it is a popular choice for our customers to have built

We have used our years of experience with these aircraft to ensure that our customer's aircraft are built to the same exacting high standards as the school aircraft, only high quality hardware is installed to ensure that the plane will give reliable service

As with all customer aircraft, we offer a bespoke level of service and finish. Whether you require just an airframe constructed, your supplied equipment installed or for us to recommend and supply a full specification to produce a truly Turnkey aircraft

All builds are carried out to a high standard of finish and any hardware we believe to not be up to the job we will replace, all nuts and bolts are also replaced with high quality metric cap heads

Many students have commented on the advantage of having the same aircraft to practice with away from the school.



  • Client:Mike Whitham
  • Date:11th Jul 2012

My flying continued to improve once I could practice on my own plane identical to my training aircraft and it has now seen me through my B certificate. I can't thank the Paul Heckles team enough for the fabulous build they did on my Obsession.